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Has your LinkedIn account been limited/ suspended or removed? You’re not alone!

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been hearing lots of stories of people having their LinkedIn accounts suspended or even removed.  For those who have spent a long time building a genuine following and a decent network this can be, understandably, incredibly frustrating.

So here are a couple of tips to make sure you don’t fall foul of the LinkedIn police!

  1. Do you outsource any form of LinkedIn lead generation? If so you are at a high risk of having your account removed.

LinkedIn are monitoring accounts for at least 40 programmes/ browser extensions that “scrape” your contacts / or search in certain ways. So, check with your outsourced supplier, or if you have used any of the following be aware that you need to be very careful.

If you are using any of the following extensions while using LinkedIn your account could be at risk: Continue reading

What colour is your belt?

I see more and more business advisors saying that they can help businesses because they have a lean/ six sigma/ lean six sigma qualification and then go on to state that they have a green belt qualification.

Please, please don’t believe that these people can help you or your business!

And here is the reason why….

The belts in all these qualifications relate to the experience and the number of tools that the participant has been trained in and are qualified to use in a lean six sigma project. As per the origins of the terminology – the darker the colour of the belt the more experienced the practitioner.

A white belt understands the terminology and is perhaps a senior manager who will allow the staff the time/ resources to carry out a project. They have no experience in running a project but are there to remove roadblocks to the project.

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My Bullet journaling journey – 2 weeks in!

This couple of weeks has been about experimenting to see what/ if I liked about the bullet journaling method.

If you’ve never heard of bullet journaling, then have a peek at

I also watched several YouTube videos. These seemed to be mainly based on using the method for home/ school projects and not for business but it was interesting to see how the ideas were used & I took a couple of page layout ideas from them.


I’ll admit that so far, I haven’t ventured into the very beautiful Leuchterm notebook given to me by my client, Continue reading

My Bullet Journalling journey – Let’s give it a go!

As those who know me in real life, or those who work with me know I am a stationery junkie and I love a good list! So being introduced to something that allows me to combine both of these loves excited me immensely!


I’ve recently been working with a client doing some project management with them, helping the team deliver the project more efficiently and effectively. During one of the sessions one of the team members talked about managing their tasks for the project and showed us their bullet journalling method. I’d never heard of it, but went away and watched a few you tube videos  and thought “great for keeping a diary, keeping track of your shopping list but how is it applicable to a business owner?”

So, I had a 121 with the team member, who showed me exactly how they had adapted the system so that it worked for them, and they were so keen I try it out they had bought me a book on how to bullet journal and the notebook they believe works best!


As they were so convinced that I’d love it I thought I’d give it a go, and thought I could record my journey/ lessons learned  and share it with you.


So, have you heard of / tried it your self? Any thoughts/ tips for me?


I’ll keep you posted……



My weekly reflection – Friday 12th May 2017

I attended an amazing meeting of the Professional Speakers Association on Saturday – met up with friends old and new and was so worth the early start after such a busy week.

The rest of this week has seen us in full operating mode from our new offices. Desks and IT are working and most boxes are unpacked, or in place until we get additional furniture to house their contents! We think we’ve sent new address notifications to all our clients, suppliers and business friends – if you’ve not had yours please just let me know and we’ll get one to you ASAP.

Yesterday we visited Cromford Mills and the new (ish) home of Idom Merebrook to see the facilities and redevelopment of such a historic venue.

Today has been all about writing proposals for very interesting new projects for new and existing clients.

We’ve held our first meeting in our meeting space and we’ve met our new neighbours. We have a lovely view and great local services. All in all, it’s been a fabulous move for us so far.

Why not come and visit for the guided tour, a cuppa and a chat?

My weekly reflection – Friday 5th May 2017


This week has been all about the move. Packing over the long weekend and then the actual move on Wednesday. Preparing the old office for handback on Thursday and then unpacking and sorting out at the new office on Friday. Our clients have been so accommodating and supportive we are extremely grateful to them all, but looking forward to being able to get back into the thick of it next week and being able to add new services for them from the new venue.

My Weekly reflection – 28th April 2017

I was delighted to chair this years Marketing 2020:the dark side of digital event at the University of Derby on Monday afternoon/ evening. It was a fascinating, and scary, insight into what happens when digital marketing goes wrong, or is used maliciously.

Some great client meetings and a lot of planning for our imminent office move. We’ve seen some great, and some not so suitable, venues and think we’ve made a decision. One more piece of information and we can say all systems go…… or not!


UPDATE: we’re moving next Wednesday! Yikes!

Read on…

As a follow on from last weeks World Book Day here ae some thoughts from our Business Manager – Elouise Smith



I walked into Waterstones the other day, and the place was vibrant with life. Not a speck of dust on a cobweb covered shelf housing a couple of unloved books to be found. There was a queue at the tills, the coffee shop was busy, the slide (!?) for the little ones was in full use and just the smell made me feel intelligent – offering the potential to walk out with a purchase of great meaning or self-development in my hands like a shield as I ventured back into the real world.

So how apt that we have a World Book Day, were we celebrate all things book! Something that has been happening annually now for the last 20 years suggesting, no, confirming that actual books and reading are most certainly not going out of fashion.

Within those 20 years the fear that the book shops days were numbered was very real. As technology continued to progress and ‘digital’ was becoming a part of our everyday lives to a point that we could never have imagined, the ‘tools’ and media that we could access became infinite and universal. I remember my mother telling me that I had to learn maths because I couldn’t carry a calculator with me everywhere I went…sorry ma! (although she was correct, you always need your basic mathematical skills kids!!) So as our phones moved off the wall and into our pockets and mainly because the internet became portable changing how we access music, videos, and of course books so too did the consumer’s choice.

What happened? In very general terms: Continue reading

3,2,1 Apprenticeships are Go!

Our Apprenticeship Expert Elouise Smith discusses the new apprentice levy during National Apprentice week


Here we are again, apprenticeships are the buzzword from the 6th – 10th of March, and, it’s the 10th anniversary for National Apprenticeship Week! 10 years, that’s a big anniversary that just happens to coincide with another one that is about to become a buzzword around apprenticeships – levy.

Here are the facts; almost 2 years ago it was announced in the summer budget that the government would introduce an apprenticeship levy, so this isn’t a surprise, but come 6th April do we really know what’s actually happening?

Apprenticeships are the employers’ duty, or at least the government thinks so. Control of apprenticeship funding is being handed to the employers and, rightly or wrongly, whether you agree or not, any companies with a payroll of £3million plus will have to pay this. In real terms this means that only 2% of UK businesses will be financially affected.   However, each business that qualifies to pay the levy will be given an ‘allowance’ of £15000 towards the 0.5% fee. This should help soften the blow of additional administration etc.

Is the government therefore cost saving and forcing the hand of employers to take apprentices?

Does a big payroll mean big profit?

Will these companies find a way to push the cost down onto their clients?

Employment Agencies are a good example, the ones that are big enough to be paying the levy, of course won’t be paying it, because I would expect that the cost will be passed onto their clients, who could potentially be hiring agency staff, so it could be that many more businesses will be paying this levy than the website would have you believe.

Is this negative association really the right message for apprenticeships and the positives that they bring? As it appears that in one way or another most businesses are paying this levy, it will be interesting to see what Apprenticeship week brings, and how the positives are publicised amongst this potential cloud hanging over it all.

Fundamentally this is about people and work. It’s about encouraging, empowering even, employers to take untrained people into their businesses and train them up, as we find nowadays that the education route perhaps isn’t always relevant, achieved or successful in leading to the goal of a job. Continue reading

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