Business Support

There when you need us

Our business support services are designed to provide ongoing, regular assistance to companies who can benefit from our in-depth experience, as and when they need it, without a large financial commitment. We act as a fresh pair of eyes overseeing performance and making suggestions to improve profitability and efficiency.

How does it work?

For an affordable monthly payment, we act as a sounding board available when you need us by email, skype or telephone. We also schedule regular meetings, generally monthly or quarterly for a face-to-face review. It’s all down to the needs of your business.

You benefit from a consultant who understands your business well and who will bring ideas, best practice and a trusted opinion to your management meetings.

Examples of practical support

Project management – goal-setting, planning resources and prioritising actions to ensure your targets are met

Process management – we will provide a systematic approach to making your workflow more efficient and able to adapt to the latest challenges of economy and environment  Lean management – using the Lean principles to improve quality and efficiency

A confidential consultant – when you need one

Having a longstanding trusted external advisor can be invaluable when dealing with confidential matters. Perhaps you have an issue involving other directors or changes to the business that you don’t want leaking to the staff, your consultant can provide both guidance and support.


A local government department was using old procedures set in place in the days before email. For one task they had a legal requirement to provide data within 15 days but were only averaging 33.


We reviewed all processes from the end customer’s point of view. We put in place a new system that used email voting buttons and automatic forwarding of emails if they weren’t opened within a set time.


We reduced the time taken on each application to 9 hours, completed within 5 working days.

This eased the pressure on the whole team and let to improved customer satisfaction and compliance with legal requirements.

How can I start?

Book your free business review and recommendation session today by contacting or calling 01332 346141 and let’s fuel your business passion.