Business Success

What next?

You’ve set up a successful business and probably weathered a few ups and downs. Now that it is running smoothly, are you looking for the next challenge?

If so, how can you develop and grow without risking what you have created so far?

Perhaps you are contemplating a merger or acquisition to grow quickly and acquire new routes to market? Maybe you have thought of a range of new products but are not sure how they will fit in your portfolio? You could be thinking of diversification so you are less reliant on one market sector or customer?

In each of these scenarios, we can help.

Before making a major change to the business it is wise to spend time working on your business strategy. This can help stop you making expensive mistakes. At the Business Ignition Group we have professional consultants who can help. We will clarify your options, and based on the goals you agree for your business, identify the best way forward and a sound plan to achieve those ambitions.

Let’s get started

Contact or call 01332 346141 to find out more. It’s not rocket science but sound management techniques that will set your business alight. Talk to the Business Ignition Group and we can really start something.


Business Development Case Study


The MD of a family engineering company wanted to step back from the business and employed a new MD who invested in new high-tech equipment without involving the workforce. The staff felt threatened by the new changes and thought they might lead to redundancies.


Something as apparently simple as a newsletter and Staff Notice Board updated with new orders and positive news about the growth of the company helped stop the rumour mill. We also helped introduce a CRM system to track all communications with potential and existing customers. We started promoting their services via regular email and newsletter communications and updated the sales literature.


The turnover of the business went from £650k to £1.8million in 18 month


Staff Development Case Study


A shop-fitting and construction company had a high staff turnover, couldn’t recruit staff quickly and was stagnating.


We identified the problem was down to poor communication between the Directors and the staff who were not sure where the business was heading. We re-organised the directors responsibilities and facilitated a day with all staff to jointly develop a corporate vision and mission statement.


A happier workforce with renewed enthusiasm for the business. With our assistance in developing a new business plan, this led to diversification into profitable new markets leaving the company in a much stronger financial position.