The B word! and it’s not Business

The B word!

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Yes,  today we are going to be talking about THAT dreaded B word ….. BREXIT!

We don’t want to get political but we finally feel we have to make some sort of comment on the process from the perspective of running a business – the UK economy!

This week we should be entering the new world of being separate from the EU. Whether you originally voted Leave or Remain that’s what everyone has expected to happen, but here we are, April 2019 and we are still a member, but very much on the outside of the other 27 member states and with our politicians seemingly unable to make a decision. Any decision. And as I write this, still without any sort of plan or timescale to leave.


Now I don’t want to go into the politics of what’s been happening, but I do want to talk about the impact this has had for the last 2 years and is still having on businesses, large and small.


Almost every business has to do some forward planning. In terms of workflow, resources, cashflow, time, diary management – all sorts of things. For larger business this planning can be for years forward, for most smaller businesses it is weeks, perhaps up to 12 months. But BREXIT has put a hold on all that planning for a lot of businesses. They can’t fix prices because they don’t know what the cost of raw materials will be that they need to create their product, they don’t know what the exchange rate will be. We don’t know how freely goods will leave and enter our country; and if they will be taxed or not. We don’t know how business travel to the continent will be affected.

But this isn’t root of the problem. The issue is that we should all have been able to plan for Brexit. And even more fundamentally – the government (and I include all parties in this – this isn’t a criticism of any particular party or specific politician, let’s keep that for elsewhere) should have planned for all outcomes of the referendum. Prior to that both Remain and Leave should have had full and detailed plans that had been at least discussed with the EU and had an outline agreement; BEFORE those plans were outlined to the public. If this had happened business could have formulated plans that incorporated both outcomes, and when the vote was known there would have been a degree of certainty that the leave plans voted for were going to remain, in the main, unchanged through the process.

Instead businesses have had to put their business on hold, and keep them on hold, until they have the details that will allow them to move forward into whatever future finally unfolds.  It is no wonder that some have got so frustrated that they have left the UK, or are in the process of moving to somewhere where the future is reasonably certain and they can get on with the business of doing business. And if we do, s some commentators are saying we will, crash out with a no deal, where does that leave everyone – no plans have been made because no one knows what it will look like.


As someone who specialises in getting the planning right for a business and project managing large projects the whole process has been the perfect case study in how not to run a project of any kind!

So if you’d like to run your projects with a certainty of outcome and decent plans to back the options up then please get in touch and I guarantee we’ll deliver you a far better outcome in a much shorter time frame!