Making your hashtags work for you and not against you.

So today we’re talking about #hashtags and how to get the best out of them from your social selling on the various platforms.

A hashtag is a word or group of word that can be used to categorise posts and can be used to search for content/ products/ offers. They are a great way of being able to find topics to “listen” to and to join in conversations.

On most platforms you have the option to find the latest/ most recent or the top/ most relevant hashtags.

They can be anything you like as long as they only contain alphanumeric characters and emojis – no punctuation or spaces allowed. But basically, they should be your keywords or short phrases that people would use naturally when searching for you, your products or your business. If you use a short phrase it is good practice to capitalise the first letter of each word to make it easier for people to read them as you intended – which also prompts the reminder to check what other people are using the same hashtag for. You don’t want to have a nasty surprise.

Another great benefit of using hashtags correctly is that if you post content on multiple platforms you can use the same hashtags so that people find content in different places – just make sure that it is different and relevant content to the different audiences and not just the same stuff cross-posted.


And now onto maximising the impact on the different platforms:

Facebook: use a maximum of 2 hashtags on any post. The stats show a huge decrease in engagement and visibility of your post if you even just use 3. So, DON’T DO IT!

The ones you see with multiple, multiple tags are just cross posted from Instagram.


Twitter: no more than 3 in a tweet and put them all at the end of the tweet – simply because it makes the tweet easier to read! But more than 3 and you do start to look like the post has come form somewhere else, so use you characters for a link or something more engaging for your reader.


LinkedIn: Use them in your posts and articles – it’s a waste to use them in your headline or your profile because LinkedIn doesn’t recognise them as hashtags, just as the keywords you should eb packing your profile with.

Use about 3-5 per post – but look at the suggestion they offer – they know what other people are looking for so it can help you.


Instagram: you can use a maximum of 30 per post (10 if it’s a story). You can use them in either the captions or the comments, but they will count and if you use 20 in the captions and try to put 20 in the comments it won’t let you post the comment!!

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