Has your LinkedIn account been limited/ suspended or removed? You’re not alone!

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been hearing lots of stories of people having their LinkedIn accounts suspended or even removed.  For those who have spent a long time building a genuine following and a decent network this can be, understandably, incredibly frustrating.

So here are a couple of tips to make sure you don’t fall foul of the LinkedIn police!

  1. Do you outsource any form of LinkedIn lead generation? If so you are at a high risk of having your account removed.

LinkedIn are monitoring accounts for at least 40 programmes/ browser extensions that “scrape” your contacts / or search in certain ways. So, check with your outsourced supplier, or if you have used any of the following be aware that you need to be very careful.

If you are using any of the following extensions while using LinkedIn your account could be at risk:

  • Aevy
  • Amazing Hiring
  • ai
  • CleverStaff
  • Colabo extension
  • Contact Out
  • Data Scraper
  • Datananas
  • Daxtra
  • Discoverly
  • Dux-Soup (fixed)
  • Ebstabullhorn
  • EbstaSalesforce
  • Ecquire
  • Email Finder
  • Email Hunter
  • Entelo
  • ly
  • Get Email
  • HirEtuaL
  • iMacros
  • Lead Generator
  • Leadiq
  • Leonard for Linkedin
  • Linked Helper
  • Linkedin-Hubspot Connector
  • LinkeLead
  • LinMailNavigator
  • LinMailPro
  • Loxo Social import
  • Lusha
  • Nimble
  • Prophet
  • io
  • ProspectHive
  • Prospectify
  • io
  • SalesLoftCadence
  • SalesloftProspector
  • Salestools
  • SellHack
  • Skrapp
  • Slik
  • Sourcebreaker
  • Sourcehub
  • Step Wells (colabo)
  • Talent Bin
  • Turbo Hiring


  1. Using your profile as a business page.

It is so simple to set up a business page there is no need for you to use a personal profile as a business profile. And it is a very simple way to get yourself banned. So, set yourself a personal profile and then a business page and get all your contacts to like the business page. Far less risk!


  1. Adding too many connections you don’t know too quickly.

While there are no limits set out in the LinkedIn TandC’s (well that I can find anyway) the original premise of LinkedIn was to only connect to people you already know, or are in your circle of connections, and then to ask for introductions to those outside of that circle (3rd tier or further from you). But as more and more people are going for the greater number of connections is good, they are asking more and more people who don’t know them to connect. This is OK, until those people refuse the connection and also hit the “I don’t know this person” button. If that happens several times LinkedIn will first limit your account so that you can only connect with people if you know their email address, or they will suspend your account for a period. The easiest way to avoid this is to limit the number of connection request you make every day and to add a personal message with those connection requests explaining why it might be a good idea they connect with you.


  1. Your photo. Make sure you have one and make sure it is a clear head/ shoulders shot of you and only you. Believe it or not this is one of the LinkedIn TandC’s!


  1. Don’t use your job title/ expertise in your name

While this one won’t actually get you banned from LinkedIn it will mean you appear in fewer browser searches than without it because the search engines are set up to see that line of information as a name. If people are looking for you they might not spot your surname if there are a load of words after it, and if you don’t use exactly the same phrase in your headline box, but want people to find you for these words/ phrases, the search engines won’t be able to find you because they don’t look for those words in the “name” box!


Hope these help and keep yourself safe online folks!


Feel free to comment with any top tips you have too.