Bullet journalling journey – my kit


So, after a trial in a cheap notebook I would highly recommend investing in a Leuchterm 1917 dotted or gridded page notebook for your bullet journal journey – the reason is simple – they have enough dots/ grids for a month on the long side of the page as well as some notes/ titles. The cheap one I started with didn’t have this, so I ended up having to have a 2-page spread for every month.


I would recommend the bullets/ grids rather than the lined books because you won’t always be using the book in portrait mode – for some layouts the landscape view is better, and the dots mean  you can keep your straight lines.


They also have an index page at the front and all the pages are prenumbered, which saves time & you don’t have to remember to leave space.


As I expect my book to last a year and because I’m using it for project tracking as well as a to-do list I’ve kept a couple of extra pages at the front for additional index pages.


Other kit would be a set of fine nibbed pens in multiple colours – again this is my preference as I find it helps me organise tasks by project/ client. I suggest fine nibbed because if you are filling in each box on the page they are quite small so it’s just easier to make sure you’re keeping in a straight line, in the specific box. I had a set of Stabilo fine point (0.4mm) pens already so I’ve been using these so far and they work great.


I’ve seen some people using washi tape as index tabs but haven’t tried this yet. I’ll see if that or some sticky index tabs I already have/use elsewhere work better for me and let you know.


More soon…….