My Bullet journaling journey – 2 weeks in!

This couple of weeks has been about experimenting to see what/ if I liked about the bullet journaling method.

If you’ve never heard of bullet journaling, then have a peek at

I also watched several YouTube videos. These seemed to be mainly based on using the method for home/ school projects and not for business but it was interesting to see how the ideas were used & I took a couple of page layout ideas from them.


I’ll admit that so far, I haven’t ventured into the very beautiful Leuchterm notebook given to me by my client,but I’ve used a dotted notebook I already had- mainly so that if I didn’t like something I wouldn’t mind removing a page or trying something else out.

My main point of difference from the original bullet journal method and that I did get from the bullet journal YouTube videos was having different pages for different projects and different page layouts for different things rather than having everything in one long list.

For me as a business owner this is important because it often isn’t just me delivering certain projects, and I found a separate page (or even double page spread) per project is really useful – I can then share tasks with the team and keep track of the entire thing rather than just my tasks in it. I also started using colours in the task list, so I could see which tasks belonged to which client.

I’ve added some extra pages to plan a week/ month ahead as well to the layout which I hadn’t included initially. I found I needed these to track meetings/ clients/ deadlines etc and they are proving really useful.

And I found the limitations of a cheaper notebook……and have finally ventured into the Leuchterm book (I’ll explore this more in the blog about what kit I’m using now)


But the positives are it’s a great way of keeping a to-do list, plus a planner and monitoring some new habits I want to form. And it’s definitely something I’m going to carry on with.


If you’ve tried this/ use this/ are thinking of having a go please let me know what you’re doing and what you find most useful. I’d love to compare notes.


As for my journey – More soon…..