My Bullet Journalling journey – Let’s give it a go!

As those who know me in real life, or those who work with me know I am a stationery junkie and I love a good list! So being introduced to something that allows me to combine both of these loves excited me immensely!


I’ve recently been working with a client doing some project management with them, helping the team deliver the project more efficiently and effectively. During one of the sessions one of the team members talked about managing their tasks for the project and showed us their bullet journalling method. I’d never heard of it, but went away and watched a few you tube videos  and thought “great for keeping a diary, keeping track of your shopping list but how is it applicable to a business owner?”

So, I had a 121 with the team member, who showed me exactly how they had adapted the system so that it worked for them, and they were so keen I try it out they had bought me a book on how to bullet journal and the notebook they believe works best!


As they were so convinced that I’d love it I thought I’d give it a go, and thought I could record my journey/ lessons learned  and share it with you.


So, have you heard of / tried it your self? Any thoughts/ tips for me?


I’ll keep you posted……