What does your email address say about you and your business?

I was contacted this week by a (self proclaimed) eminent authority on social media. He contacted me by email inviting me to attend one of his “world renowned” training courses. Nothing wrong so far, except it was sent with an email address along the lines of joebloggs@anispyouwouldhaveused10yearsago.com

The information about the course was all on an eventbrite page. Again nothing wrong with that, but I would expect a link to the home page of the training provider, which was conspicuously absent.

So I googled this person. Lots of profiles on lots of platforms, although very few referring to his social media background, but no website that I could see. So I emailed saying I’d like some more information and where was the website so that I could see what other services were available etc. The response was that his business didn’t need a website!


Now in some ways I agree with that belief. There are some businesses that don’t need a website, but they do need a business page somewhere online – that could be a facebook page, a LinkedIn Business page, but for me it always feels more professional if there is, as a minimum, a home page with some details about the business and what it does.

The thing that concerned me most was the act that this person was happy for me to spend my money with his business, by attending a training course, but he wasn’t prepared to invest the very small amount of money needed to give him a business email address.

It takes as little as £5 for 2 years to buy a domain name, which will allow you to have a business email address, even if you don’t set up the associated web page.  And what impression am I left with about his person who takes so little pride in their business that they won’t invest anything into it?


If this person had been a plumber, or local odd job man I may not have had the same reaction, although for so little investment I think it’s a missed opportunity if they don’t for any business and hugely damaging to a brand, but for a company trying to sell to a professional business audience, for me it’s an absolute cardinal business sin. So I’m not attending his course.

Do you agree? And have you come across businesses doing the same thing? have you had a lovely chat with someone at a networking meeting only to be presented with a card with a generic ISP address on it?