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Strategy and Planning

Focused on success

You’ve probably written a business plan or two – especially if you’ve applied for finance to fund growth, but how up-to-date are your business goals now?

  • What do you want to achieve?  By when?
  • What resources do you need to succeed?
  • Who has the skills and who needs training to develop the skills the organisation needs?

Planning is essential for your business to move forwards.  Strategies for achieving goals ensure everyone is on the same page – and can be reviewed, tweaked, revised and rewritten.  But, as the saying goes, ‘If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.’

Whether you’re planning to extend your geographical reach, embark on a merger or launch a new product or service, you’ll need a robust plan.

Before you start writing a hefty document – stop. 

Your business strategy isn’t just to satisfy the bean counters – it needs to be created to build on your existing success, encompass sound management techniques and achieve specific outcomes.

If you’d like some pragmatic and practical help pick up the phone and call 01332 346141 or contact us to get more information and set your business alight.

Growth and Development

How ambitious are you?

If you have a vision of your organisation’s future that requires much more than just doing more of the same – you’re probably going to need help. 

A survey (BIS 2010) revealed that businesses that seek external advice and information are 50% more successful.  If that’s what you want to ensure the future of your business – you’ll find our growth programmes will not only help you to get your growth plan honed to perfection, but can also help you find the right funding to finance it.

Getting there the easy way

If you want to increase turnover, expand your reach, go international, launch new products or services or diversify into allied fields – let’s talk.  Why waste time and money finding the right path when you can tap into a wealth of expertise to help you avoid expensive pitfalls?

The first step is to call us on 01332 346141 or contact us by email and let’s light up your business’s future.

Business Ignition Programme

A year you’ll never forget

If you have serious goals for your business and yet you seem to be permanently running to catch up, just to maintain the day-to-day operation.  Sound familiar?

If you’re:

  • Working in the business, rather than on the business’s future
  • Stuck where you are
  • Never seem to have enough time to take those essential next steps
  • Don’t have the budget to put what you dream about into action

You’re ready to discover how to blow all those obstacles away and achieve some serious success.

The Business Ignition Programme

Designed to give your business a big boost this unique programme will help a handful of ambitious business owners to realise their vision of success.

What you’ll work through:
Operations Management
Legal responsibilities
How you’ll achieve results: 1-2-1 consultations every 2-4 weeksA prioritised action plan for each
session – tailored to your specific goals
A complete ‘Plan for Success’

It’s guaranteed

We are so sure that we can add value to your business that we’ll put our money where our mouth is!  If you don’t think you’ve had useful input to your business or haven’t learnt anything you have a 100% money back guarantee.

Are you ready?

There are only five places on the Business Ignition Programme – is one of them yours?  Find out if your business is eligible – call us on 01322 346141 and talk to Philippa Bowen.

Are you ready to transform your business and have your best year yet?

Future and Change Management

Flexible or frustrated?

When you’re running a business the one thing you can count on is that change is inevitable.  It doesn’t matter how brilliant your original business concept was, the market will catch up and you’ll need to adapt, improve, reinvent to stay competitive.  You can’t stop the future becoming today.

  • What worked with 10 staff will be inadequate when you have 50.
  • What was efficient with a small single location business, will be cumbersome when you’re operating in a multi-site organisation.
  • The fast response system that ensured excellent customer service, struggles to cope as your customer base grows.

The critical questions

If your business is growing how do you stay flexible and able to meet rapidly evolving circumstances?

How do you avoid the frustration of knowing you could have done better?

The simple answer

Get expert advice and harness the experience that others have had who have already been through a similar situation .

Plan for a successful future and manage change smoothly with the Business Ignition consultants on your team.  Just call 01322 346141 to discuss what you need help with.

Executive Coaching

Successful leaders get help

Talk to most successful leaders and you’ll find they have a coach or mentor who asks the tough questions, gives advice based on experience and holds them accountable.

When you’re running a business it’s hard to find the right coach with a level of relevant knowledge who can make a significant difference.  That’s where the Business Ignition team are invaluable.  A team of experts with years of experience in business from the top added to more years working with business leaders.

You can be confident that you’re in safe hands – and working with a coach who will challenge you to do even better.

With a unique coaching model you’ll find your coach take a pragmatic approach based on the real-world situation.

If you want a springboard to elevate your results call us on 01322 346141 or email us for further information.  

Process Management

From ordinary to world class

When you look at the top performing organisations in any field you’ll find that they have robust business processes underpinning every aspect of the organisation.  These aren’t processes for the sake of it; they’re designed to improve the customer experience and deliver excellence at every level.

Having a stamp of approval from certain bodies opens opportunities for your business.  Some organisations will only approve suppliers who have jumped through certain hoops – such as ISO 9000 or Lean Manufacturing.

Part of the value of having good process management systems is that it makes meeting compliance legislation much easier, with less upheaval.

If your organisation is ready to take a step up to the next level find out more about:

  • ISO 9000
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Automotive Profit Protection
  • Social Media Process Management

Or call us on 01322 346141 to find out more.

ISO 9000

Is it worth it?

There are plenty of myths about getting ISO 9000 certification, from ‘it’s very expensive’ to ‘it’s whatever you want it to be’.  Let’s start with what it can do for your organisation:

  • It creates systems that increase efficiency – making getting results easier and more cost-effective
  • It makes delivering customer satisfaction much easier – and built into the way the company operates – so customers stay, more customers are attracted and the business is profitable
  • It’s built around your company goals and objectives – so it makes achieving them less effort and ensures everyone is working together towards the same objectives
  • It helps you to identify potential business opportunities enhancing the profits for the organisation
  • It gives your organisation a ‘seal of approval’ that make it easier for potential customers to want to use your services.

Attaining the standard to apply for certification certainly isn’t a quick fix, but the time invested is paid back many times over as your organisation becomes more streamlined, with better working practices, happier customers, increased business and fulfilled staff.

Whilst it is based on individual organisation goals it does have a structure and processes built in – so it isn’t a blank piece of paper.

Interested in finding out if it’s right for your organisation?  Call us on 01332 346141 or email us to get more information.

Lean Business

Are you ready for Lean?

You may have heard of Lean Manufacturing, but don’t think it’s relevant for your organisation – especially if your business doesn’t manufacture anything.  Actually the Lean concept can be applied to any business – as the core principle is to reduce waste in order to improve the value your customer gets.

Lean will transform the way your organisation works, streamlining processes and strengthening teamworking.  Although reducing waste will save money, in essence Lean is not just a cost reduction programme; it’s much more than that.

Applying Lean to your organisation means changing the way everyone in the organisation thinks – which means that a process of re-education from the top echelons to the front end staff.

Lean has been written about in both best-selling books and academic papers and changed the way industries operate – like Nissan and Toyota.  It could change yours!

If you think your business could become a Lean organisation, perform better, improve staff retention and satisfaction and generate delighted customers call us on 01332 346141 to book a free consultation.

Social Media Management

High visibility and a long reach

If your organisation hasn’t discovered how to leverage social media as a powerful part of your marketing strategy, now is the time to use the potential it offers.

Of course, it’s easy to find one or more members of staff are spending half their working day on social media – with little return, but, with the right plan, a little activity can be well worth the effort.

  • Social media like Twitter and Facebook can be used to engage with your customers
  • LinkedIn, used intelligently, is a smart way to build relationships with potential clients
  • Instagram and Pinterest are excellent platforms to demonstrate your products by adding value
  • YouTube is a way to have your own TV channel and show off your expertise.

If you just can’t spare the time, talk to us about putting together a manageable process and outsourced services to provide the support you need.  Call 01322 346141 or email us to find out more.

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